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Society Vacancies

The original aim of Clan Mackay Society way back in the early 1800’s came from a group of men of some wealth in the central belt of Scotland who were able and willing to give support to fellow clansmen in need.  It makes sad reading to hear about the level of poverty that existed in those times but such a warm feeling that these men set up an organisation to do good in our name.

Now in the early part of the 21st century, although poverty still exists on these shores, there is no way we can compare and indeed pleased to say we have systems and benefits that should prevent such neglect.

Clan Mackay Society’s aims have somewhat changed but the basic need of giving a helping hand to fellow clansmen is still a strong driver.  We see our way forward through our youth and their education. We see the way of keeping that alive is communication and working together by promoting our Society. Charles Dickens said “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another”.

The cost involved in providing the opportunity to join CMS, receiving our regular communications, organise events, sustain our website, pay fees for associated memberships and provide bursaries for students undertaking courses in our UK universities can only be sustained by generous members making private legacies and donations.

Small donations can be arranged very simply by clicking the donate button below.  Should you wish to make a special legacy in your name(s) which may become more involved given income tax benefits and legal complications then we would love to discuss this with you further.  Please email us at and our treasurer can discuss this further with you.

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