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Welcome to the Members Only page of Clan Mackay Society.  We want to share our website and all Mackay information with Mackays around the world.  However, for those of you who commit to joining the Clan Society and help us to support our causes such as the Clan Room at Strathnaver Museum, our Bursary Scheme and ad hoc donations we make to worthy causes, we believe there needs to be a little benefit. 

From here you can access our regular Newsletter, obtain discounts with retailers, make a genealogy request and review the Society accounts and bursaries.

Not only that we will have exclusive members only videos for you to enjoy.


This is all new, and still a work in progress and we hope to grow our offering in the future but for now we hope you enjoy what we have in place.

With all good wishes, Sandra Mackay

Clan Mackay Society Vacancy

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