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The first known clan chief was Iye - an old form of Hugh. Iye MacEth he was, born in 1210. 800 years later, it is the turn of the 29th chief. Over the centuries, there has been a number of distinguished and eccentric chiefs. Among the most notable, Donald - who was a doughty mercenary. He fought with his men, the Scottish Invincibles, for King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. For his pains, he was knighted by James VI in 1616 and in 1628 was created Baron Reay of Reay by Charles I.


29th Clan Chief

Aeneas Mackay: current clan chief.

11th Lord Reay - Donald .jpg

25th Clan Chief

Donald Mackay d.1921


28th Clan  Chief

Hugh Mackay d.2013

10th Lord Reay - Aeneas.jpg

24th Clan Chief

Aeneas Mackay d. 1876


27th Clan Chief

Aeneas Mackay d.1963

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