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Clan Mackay Society was founded in 1808 with the main objectives being the cultivation of knowledge, social interaction with members throughout the world, support of fellow Clansmen, encouragement of education, preservation of records, traditions and historical material of the Clan.


The Society holds limited funds which they offer for further educational purposes to clansmen and women. Applications are assessed on a competitive basis and there are a limited number of awards available.

Applicants will need to provide evidence demonstrating the need for extra support and evidence of how it will be utilised throughout their studies.

The Society aims primarily to help students undertaking tertiary education who require supplementary grants towards items such as books, equipment and instruments but may consider travel and accommodation in certain circumstances

Consideration may also be given for supplementary project work undertaken as part of a study period or any educational projects worthy of support.

The funds are available to Mackays who have the name ‘Mackay’ or ‘MacAoidh’ and septs thereof recognised by the Clan. The funds are also open through the maternal line for up to two generations.


Meet Mairi

Mairi Vodden (née Mackay) was born in Edinburgh and is the daughter of Margaret and John Mackay. She joined the Clan Mackay Society as a life member in October 2019 and has Mackay heritage links to Edinburgh, Caithness & Ross-shire.


Mairi took on the role of Bursary Administrator in October 2019 and has focused on increasing awareness of and encouraging applications to the Clan Mackay Bursary Fund from young Mackays! She works as a Careers Advisor in a secondary school in North West London and is passionate about supporting young people to broaden their horizons and be the best versions of themselves that they can be. 

If you would like to make a donation to support the work of our Bursary scheme then you can do so through our Just Giving Page.  All donations are gratefully received. 

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